MOUSE EXCLUSION – All a mouse needs is a quarter of an inch hole to enter. With holes and cracks that small, most houses don’t stand a chance. That’s where we come in. We’ll trap and remove the mice currently living inside the home. Then we’ll completely rodent proof your house, inside and out, sealing any potential entry points to prevent new mice from getting in. We’ll continue to come out and inspect to ensure no reentry. We’ll keep the mice out. Guaranteed!

FREE INSPECTIONS – we’ll always come out for free home inspections and consultations. We’ll review our diagnosis with you and provide you with our service options to best suit your needs.

RESIDENTIAL SERVICE PLANS – For continued long term protection. When you sign on to one of our customized service plans you’re protecting your home from over 25 different pests all for one low price! We offer various levels of service and frequencies to best suit your needs. No contracts and no extra charges if service is needed between your regularly scheduled visits. If a pest comes back, so do we!

COMMERCIAL SERVICE PLANS – whether your a restaurant or a doctors office, we have the experience and solutions to keep your business protected. We’ll work with you to create a customized plan to suit your needs.

CLEAN OUTS AND SANITATION – a single mouse can leave up to 100 droppings and urinate several hundred times a day. When you have multiple mice, well you do the math. Insulation is one of the most common nesting and travel sites for mice. Feces and urine infested insulation in your basement and attic can decrease air quality in your home. At Protex, we will remove infested insulation and other soiled materials, safely remove droppings, and sanitize the areas to ensure a safe environment.

ONE TIME SERVICES – while we typically recommend a service plan for long term protection we know that may not always fit your needs. We’ll gladly perform a one time service complete with a 30 day or 60 day guarantee.